The story behind
Friendly Giant Gaming

Greetings, I go by the name of Jelle, and my passion lies in the enchanting realm of fantasy.

While I may not hold the title of the ultimate aficionado and my knowledge of sagas like Star Wars and The Witcher might not be exhaustive, I am captivated by the tapestry of themes, the immersive atmospheres, and the intricate characters that these worlds offer.

My journey into the mesmerizing realm of creative craftsmanship took an unexpected turn when I stumbled upon the boundless trove of content on YouTube. Miniature painting, the artistry of XPS foam crafting, and the marvel of 3D printing had me utterly enthralled. I felt an irresistible urge to dive into these pursuits, to test my skills, and to uncover the joy of bringing ideas to life.

From a modest corner of my garage, I embarked on my quest. I cleared space, erected a dedicated workbench, and armed myself with essential tools. But the allure of this creative venture soon outgrew those humble beginnings.

A move to a new abode granted me the opportunity to lay claim to a room entirely my own—a sanctuary for my 3D printers, a realm of expanded desk space, and a haven for organizing the tools and treasures of my craft. Though this creative haven continues to evolve, for now, its expanse meets my needs.

In the year 2022, a new chapter unfolded as I decided to unveil my creations to friends and fellow tabletop enthusiasts in the local gaming community. My creative forge never rests, with my 3D printers churning out wonders ceaselessly and my XPS Foam yielding intricate bricks, rugged rocks, and captivating props. Every week, I embark on crafting journeys, fueling my creativity and igniting inspiration in others—a wellspring of ideas that find their home on tabletops every fortnight. This newfound purpose fuels my determination to offer nothing but the finest to those who share in my passion.

I hold a hope that my creations will bring you as much delight as they do me. Should curiosity beckon or inquiries arise, please do not hesitate to reach out. My virtual door is always open.

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