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My phone number is openly available on the website. If you have a question, the quickest way to get in contact is by sending me a Whatsapp Message. You could always send an e-mail which will be answered as soon as possible.


I have several printers to get the work done. I usually stand by my Elegoo printers for both resin and filament. I really like their PLA, PLA+ and their Resins as well. But often I use Siraya tech as well for durability. These are the products that for me and the printers.

PLA is completely biodegradable and therefore environmentally friendly. The scraps that come with printing will be saved and reused for other projects. This way there will be no materials left to waste.

Resins is sadly not as eco-friendly as PLA. There are options available on the market for eco-based resins, but these types of resin are not as durable as standard resins. Because of this, there will be a lot of waste made by the eco-friendly product, which means that it will get into the environment quicker. This is the reason why I still use standard resins as my preferred material. It’s cleaner to print it once and use for a long time, than printing it several times while the old ones get thrown out.


There are some products in stock, which should be shipped within 3 workdays. Other items will be printed/made the moment you order them, because of this nature, it would take up to 10 workdays before shipping depending on the size/amount. If I expect your order to be longer than 5 workdays, I’ll get in touch to let you know.

Yes, I will always receive a track and trace code by email after you place your order. It may take up to a day to get the most recent updates regarding your order.

No, this is not possible as for now. In the future I hope that I can provide this service, but for now the postal professionals will take over and send it to the given address.


At the moment I only offer iDeal, PayPal and Bancontant/ If you need other payment options you can always send me a message and we will see what we can work out.