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Friendly Giant Gaming

Friendly Giant Gaming is based in Medemblik, Nederland and provices a custom 3D print service. We are able to print all sorts of things; think about: protoypes, miniatures, toys, cosplay and props.

Loads of 3D-printable files can be found online. Look here for useful links that we personally use.

Having amazing idea’s for 3D-printing but lack the designing skills? Reach out to us and we can get that sorted. We have amazing artists in our network that can help make your ideas reality.

We provide different printing options and materials to suit your needs. Materials we usually use are: PLA, TPU, PETG, Standard Resin, ABS-Like resin.

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Looking for inspiration?

We’ve been helping customers for a long time with finding a suitable print that matches their desires. Boardgame terrain, advice for materials, cosplay and more.

If you’ve made a 3D design yourself and want to make it into a physical object? Send the files and we can get it sorted for you!

Most of our projects you can find on our Instagram page and in the Google Reviews.